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Background screened Licensed Escrow Officer in the State of Texas, State of Texas Commissioned for Traditional Notary and Online Notary and Bonded & E/O Insured for Notary

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

About Click-To-Sign

I have been an Escrow Officer for over twelve years, the previous four of those being licensed in the State of Texas. Over the last few years, the need for alternative closing methods has grown exponentially, due in part to COVID-19. Because of this, the title industry has seen more “mail away closings” for sellers that are not in the area. This has opened up the door and allowed easy access to fraudulent seller schemes (also known as deed fraud or seller impersonation). This is where the need for and value in online closings has come to the forefront. Before sellers can access the signing platform, identity proofing is performed through third-party dynamic knowledge-based authentication questions. These questions are based on the signers past credit history and can span over decades making it virtually impossible for these schemes to be successful. In this fast paced age, it is important to offer your clients the ease and convenience of closing from the comfort of their home, at work without having to take time off, or even vacationing in a foreign country while ensuring the added security to the title company.

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Far more secure than using a traditional notary, online notarization includes sophisticated identity verification, auditable records, and the most stringent level of document security. 

Online Notary Services

Online notarization is revolutionizing the way documents are authenticated and secured, offering an unprecedented level of document security and identity verification with sophisticated digital tools that protect documents from manipulation or corruption. 

They are revolutionizing the way we secure and share important documents. Through a combination of digital signatures, encryption, and blockchain technology, users can easily notarize documents online in a secure and verifiable manner. Additionally, online notarization provides a permanent record that can be easily accessed and shared with multiple parties for auditing and review purposes. 

This technology is quickly becoming an industry standard for legal processes that require secure document sharing. This level of security ensures that sensitive documents remain safe and secure while still allowing for quick and convenient access to important information.

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Online Notary

Online notaries are revolutionizing the process of notarizing documents. With the emergence of online notaries, it has become easier and more convenient to obtain notarization services. Online notaries are licensed professionals who are approved by the state to provide remote notarization services. They can perform all the same duties as a regular notary, such as verifying signatures, witnessing documents, and authenticating legal documents. 

Moreover, they can do so from anywhere in the world using digital tools like video conferencing or virtual meeting platforms. This makes it possible for people who may have difficulty traveling to a physical location or who need urgent document authentication to have their needs met from virtually any location with an internet connection. 

They provide greater convenience and flexibility for people who need to have a document notarized but may not be able to visit a traditional physical location. By utilizing an online platform, individuals can have their documents signed, sealed, and delivered directly from the comfort of their own homes. 

To ensure the legitimacy of the digital signature, online notaries must be present in the state of Texas at the time they add their stamp to documents. This ensures that all signatures are legally binding and that all parties involved are protected from any fraudulent activity associated with digital signatures.


The document’s signer

Online notarization is fast becoming a popular way for businesses and individuals to authenticate documents. To become a principal in an online notarization, appearing through a two-way audio-video conference that meets the standards specified by the secretary of state is enough to go on. 

This ensures that all parties involved in the transaction are identified and verified, ensuring the trustworthiness of the documents being notarized. Furthermore, this process is typically completed in just minutes, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to handle important legal matters. 

This revolutionary process eliminates the need for the signer (or “principal”) to be physically present in front of a notary. This process makes it possible for documents to be signed and notarized remotely without requiring face-to-face contact between the signer and the notary. With online notarization, documents can be securely signed and notarized within minutes. It is quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the modern digital age. 

They are becoming increasingly popular in the United States due to their convenience and cost savings. While a principal must be physically present in the United States for an online notarization to take place, they do not necessarily have to be located in Texas. This allows for greater flexibility and mobility when completing a notarization without having to worry about being physically present at the location of the document signing. 

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Easy two-step identity verification

Identity verification is an important part of authenticating a principal’s identity and ensuring the validity of documents. In order to provide a secure and reliable notarization process, Texas Administrative Code’s identity proofing and credential analysis standards must be followed. Notaries public must possess personal knowledge of the said person or adhere to these standards in order to confidently verify their identity. 

Keeping your data secure and protecting your identity is essential in today’s digital world. To ensure the safety of personal information, identity verification is increasingly being done through third-party dynamic knowledge-based authentication questions. Automated software carefully verifies the signer’s picture ID, confirming its validity and checking it against a wide range of databases. This advanced technology provides an extra layer of security to protect you from fraud and other cyber threats.


Online Notary Session

The online notary system has revolutionized the way documents are verified for their authenticity. The use of video conferencing technology has enabled principals and online notaries to connect with each other from the comfort of their own homes. During these sessions, an electronic version of the document is displayed on the screen and then digitally signed by both parties, providing a secure and convenient way for both parties to sign documents remotely. This process makes it easier for businesses to conduct transactions quickly and securely without having to travel or wait in line at a physical notary office. 

By utilizing advanced encryption and authentication technology, this system ensures that all documents passing through it are securely recorded and stored, preventing any unauthorized access. Additionally, the online notary system verifies the identity of all parties involved in the transaction to guarantee that all documents are legally binding. With its convenience and efficiency, this secure verification process is quickly becoming a preferred method for verifying important documents.

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Signed document is digitally sealed

Online notarization is a convenient and cost-effective way to get documents notarized without having to go in person. However, for a document to be legally valid, it must meet certain requirements. One of these is that the certificate must be explicitly marked as such and signed by the online notary using their personal digital certificate and associated electronic seal. This ensures that the signature is unique, secure, and cannot be replicated or forged. 

Digital certificates and PKI are essential tools for authenticating digital documents. Authentication of electronic documents is a crucial process, as it helps to protect the integrity of these documents and guarantee their authenticity. Through the use of digital certificates, which adhere to the X.509-compliant Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), organizations can provide an extra layer of security when authenticating electronic documents. This process provides a secure platform for verifying the identity of both parties involved in any document transaction, thus preventing fraud and protecting confidential information from malicious actors.

Online notarization speeds up, simplifies, and reduces the costs of document signing

Remote online notarization

is a safer and easier alternative to a traditional, in-person notary


Remote online notarization is a safer and easier alternative to traditional, in-person notary

1.  Your online notary public will seal your signed document with an encrypted digital signing certificate. This will allow you or any other party to easily detect an attempted alteration to the document after it is notarized, and this is all captured in the document’s digital record. This means that the digital signature reduces the likelihood of fraud in a way that is not possible with traditional ink-and-paper notary signatures.

2.  The availability of online notaries makes it far easier and cheaper to get a document notarized.  Travel and fuel costs are zero and the overall transaction time is reduced.  Scheduling an online notary session is also much easier since an online notary can perform more sessions a day than a traditional notary.

3. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, online notarization gives more people access to a notary. Social distancing and widespread concern about contracting the disease have made people resistant to being in close physical proximity to an in-person notary. This concern is especially significant for the elderly and residents in health care or assisted living facilities. The availability of online notaries removes this problem by allowing a person to remotely access a notary public.

4.  The online notary session is recorded, so any signs of undue coercion, duress, or other wrongdoing can be reviewed long after the notary is finished. The document signer’s identity is verified with identity-proofing questions and a technology-driven analysis of the signer’s photo ID. uses technology that can analyze a photo ID document in seconds. This level of ID verification is all but impossible for an in-person notary to perform.

Does a signer “personally appear” in the presence of an online notary public?

In a traditional notary session, the signer must appear in the physical presence of the notary public. With the prevailing need for social distancing, the ability to be in the physical presence of a notary is a difficult and impractical task. With remote online notary, however, there is no requirement that the signer and the notary be physically present with one another for the notarization to be valid and legal. Instead, the signer can be deemed to be legally “appearing” by a two-way webcam. 

Because the signer can appear by videoconference, they can be located anywhere in the world during the notary session. And the notarial act will be legally valid under state law. Needless to say, this aspect of online notary makes the process dramatically faster, easier, and safer than an in-person traditional or mobile notary service.

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Online Notary Pricing Guide

Seller Closing Package $100.00 (up to 2 signers)

Buyer Closing Package with loan $150.00 (up to 2 signers)

Single document (curative item) $35.00 (single signer) Each additional signer $15.00

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